Morning Star

by  Sylvia Regan

Full Length Play  /  8m, 5f

Becky Felderman has brought her four children to America so they might…

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    8m, 5f

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Becky Felderman has brought her four children to America so they might have a better life than they would in Russia. She flings herself into her new life and says, "Everybody can be somebody, and only good can come to us." One daughter works in a factor; another marries a young songwriter, who later goes into pictures; one dies in a factory fire. While domestic unhappiness threatens to overwhelm one daughter and her husband, somehow the good sense of the mother finds a way. The young school teacher who is ambitious; the older woman who is doing her best to learn American history; the exasperatingly amusing Brownstien who sputters implications against capitalism and the bourgeois—these are only a few of the many entertaining and truly drawn characters that grace the stage of MORNING STAR The World War comes, takes its toll, and passes, bringing us up almost to today; and throughout the whole family history we are presented in the most entertaining and vivid fashion with the ups and downs, minor tragedy or broad comedy that go to make up the day-to-day life of this essentially healthy and sane family of ex-emigrants.
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8m, 5f
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