Here Lies Jeremy Troy

by  Jack Sharkey

Full Length Play, Comedy  /  3m, 2f

"An applauding success! A smashing hit! The audience roared! A rib tickler if I ever saw one!"- Bangor Daily News
"Jack Sharkey has a hit on his hands!" - Kup's Column

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Here Lies Jeremy Troy

by  Jack Sharkey

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  • Cast Size

    Cast Size

    3m, 2f
  • Duration


    90 minutes
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    Not Applicable
  • Audience

    Target Audience

    • Appropriate for all audiences

Additional Info

A lawyer who is up for a partnership is visited by a school chum who lives by sponging off classmates. He blackmails the lawyer into putting him up on the very night the boss is coming for dinner whereupon the wife leaves. The sponger discovers that the lawyer's degree is a fraud. A model is hired to play the wife's, a dumb beauty whose attempts to help backfire. More trouble erupts when the wife returns. Fortunately the boss thinks such a devious man would make a good lawyer!

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"An applauding success! A smashing hit! The audience roared! A rib tickler if I ever saw one!"- Bangor Daily News

"Highly amusing ... loaded with laughs ... rapid-fire comical situations ... steady laughter. During the intermissions, high praise for the new play could be heard everywhere." - Skowhegan Morning Sentinel

"A hilarious farce, sexy but nice...a bright comedy with witty just can't help laughing!" - Syracuse Post-Standard

"Jack Sharkey has a hit on his hands!" - Kup's Column

"A refreshing revelation...clean, sparkling comedy...almost breathless comedy, except the audience needs its breath for the next laugh. Recommended for the whole family. Waves of laughter rolled over the performers on the stage. A five-pointed satellite that promises to sail onto Broadway and shine there for a long time!" - Henderson/Kennebec Journal


Friendship, Love, Marriage


Performing Groups

  • High School/Secondary
  • College Theatre / Student
  • Community Theatre
  • Dinner Theatre
  • Professional Theatre


  • Caution Alcohol Alcohol

License details

  • Minimum Fee: $75 per performance



  • Time Period: Contemporary, Present Day
  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Setting: The time is the present. The action takes place during a twenty-four-hour period in February. The locale of the play is the Troy home in West Rutherford, New Jersey, just a short drive from New York City.
  • Additional Features: Physical Comedy
  • Features / Contains: Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


  • Musical Style: N/A (Not a musical)
  • Vocal Demands: N/A (Not a musical)
  • Chorus Size: N/A (Not a musical)


3m, 2f

JEREMY TROY - a law clerk.
KATHRYN TROY - Jeremy's wife.
CHARLIE BICKLE - an old friend of Jeremy's.
TINA WINSLOW - an undergraduate model.
SVEN IVORSEN - Jeremy's boss.

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Cast Attributes

  • Non-Traditional casting



Jack Sharkey

Jack Sharkey (1931-1992) was born on May 6, 1931 in Chicago, Illinois. He began writing when he was 10 years old. He graduated from college with a BA in the Creative Writing Field of the English major. After that, he taught school for two years from 1953 to 1955. In mid-1955, Mr. Sharkey enlisted in th ...

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Here Lies Jeremy Troy, produced by Elliot Martin, under the direction of Ronny Graham, had its world premiere on August 2, 1965, at the Lakewood Theatre in Skowhegan, Maine.

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