My Friend Irma

by  Cy Howard, James Reach

Full Length Play, Comedy  /  6m, 6f

This warm comedy is sure to campture all audiences. When Don expresses interest in developing a cartoon based on Irma's wacky life, her boyfriend, Al, is thrilled by the money-making prospect-- that is until Irma and Don start getting a bit too close for comfort.

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    Cast Size

    6m, 6f
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    • Appropriate for all audiences

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Featured with Irma in this bubbling, zesty, fast-moving comedy are her old radio friends: Jane Stacy, her long-suffering roommate; Al, her boyfriend who has made a life-work out of staying unemployed; Professor Kropotkin, who plays the fiddle at the Russian Tea Room and is determined to stay single; and Mrs. O'Reilly, the lovelorn landlady who is determined that the Professor will not stay single. In addition to the old standbys, you will enjoy meeting several new characters, including Teddy Brown, who thinks he is a songwriter, Madame Magda, who keeps trained fleas, and Don Turner, the famous cartoonist. The plot gets under way when Al is approached by Don Turner, who wants to start a new cartoon strip based on Irma's zany doings and to be called "My Friend Irma." In order to do this, Don must get to know Irma intimately, and Al puts into effect an elaborate scheme to accomplish this purpose. Well, Al's scheme works so well he soon finds himself on the outside looking in, with Irma announcing her engagement to Don! Following this development, complications multiply bewilderingly, for the characters, and for the audience as well. This brief outline cannot convey the warm good humor which pervades the play, cannot suggest the delightful droilness of Irma's dumb cracks or the funny sequences that dot the action, beginning to end.
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6m, 6f
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Cy Howard

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James Reach

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