How to Write a Play

by  Charles Ludlam

Full Length Play, Comedy  /  9m, 7f

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How to Write a Play

by  Charles Ludlam

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    Cast Size

    9m, 7f

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Playwright Charles is suffering from writer's block and working against a deadline to create a new play or he must return a substantial grant to his funding source. Everyone and everything interrupts him: Everett, his roommate and man Friday, who is trying to costume the play Charles isn't writing; Natalie, the maid, who wants to break into show business; Mr. Poussy, a composer; Mrs. Hornblatt, the pushy stage mother of talentless Rosalie; and Orville Titwilly, balloon folder, among others. A solution to the problem is discovered by Charles' business manager, Claudia, in the form of South American Generalissimo Julio Carragua Fanfarron, who has just run with his country's treasury and wants to give a big check to Charles. The only one hitch: the general has seen Charles in Galas and has fallen in with him as a woman. To get the money, Charles must get into drag, a ticklish situation when the general makes love to Charles-as-Galas duri dinner party for the Emperor and Empress of Humidia. This Ridiculous investigation into the writing process is as fun and pleasurable as the classic plays of Kaufman and Hart.
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  • Minimum Fee: $75 per performance



9m, 7f
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  • Cross gender casting
  • Reduced casting (Doubling Possible)
  • Room for Extras



Charles Ludlam

Charles Ludlam (1943-1987) grew up in Queens, New York, just a few subway stops from Greenwich Village, and the heart of Gay America. At twenty-four, he founded the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, where he wrote, directed and performed in almost every production for the next two decades, often with Ever ...

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