by  James Paul Dey

Full Length Play, Drama  /  4m, 4f

NOTICE: Please be advised that Samuel French does not currently vend materials for this title. If you are interested in producing this show, please acquire scripts independently first and then use the button to the right to request a license.

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by  James Paul Dey

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    Cast Size

    4m, 4f

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An avant-garde socio-politico set in the "U.S. & A."
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"One of the funniest and slickest surrealistic comments on the American affluent life that one is likely to see..." - The New York Times

"In the best tradition of absurdist drama...All very neat, firmly disciplined and very funny." - The Tribune

"The America way of death, domestic and political, is a worn enough theme these days, but it sparkles pristinely in James Paul Day's satirical extravaganza PASSACAGLIA. He topples into absurdity the pretensions of the liberal humanist with the same glee as he mocks the prejudices of the reactionary Right. The whole show is as topical as tomorrow, and as panoramic as an Early Bird news cast." - The Daily Telegraph


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4m, 4f
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James Paul Dey

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