The Bathhouse

by  Vladimir Mayakovsky, Guy Daniels

Full Length Play, Drama  /  17m, 3f

NOTICE: Please be advised that Samuel French does not currently vend materials for this title. If you are interested in producing this show, please acquire scripts independently first and then use the button to the right to request a license.

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  • Cast Size

    Cast Size

    17m, 3f

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Shows with amazing clarity that Mayakovsky despaired of the Soviet system, its artificialities, its remoteness from life, and its terrible dogmas. In this play, however, the Soviet bureaucrats could not tolerate the sharp, cutting edge, or the accurate parodies of the bureaucratic double-talk.
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  • Minimum Fee: $75 per performance



17m, 3f
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Vladimir Mayakovsky

Vladimir Mayakovsky

Guy Daniels

Guy Daniels

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