Bible Herstory

by  Patricia Montley

Full Length Play, Comedy  /  6f

A feminist satire in six scenes, featuring an all-female cast, to be performed in a single full evening of theatre.

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  • Cast Size

    Cast Size

  • Duration


    60 minutes (1 hour)
  • SubGenre


    Parody / Spoof
  • Accolades


    Not Applicable
  • Audience

    Target Audience

    • Adult
    • Senior
    • Pre-Teen (Age 11 - 13)
    • Teen (Age 14 - 18)

Additional Info

Bible Herstory is a feminist satire in six scenes, featuring an all-female cast, to be performed in a single full evening of theatre. In “Paradise Abandoned,” Eve convinces God not to stifle Her creativity just because she made a mistake in creating Adam. In “Noah’s Ark-itect,” Noah’s wife and daughter prepare for the flood and “inspire” Noah to build a boat. “The Sacrifice of Sarah” shows Abraham’s wife working on a theatrical project to save a lazy Isaac’s life. In “Miriam in Labor,” Moses’ sister bargains with Pharaoh’s daughter for better working conditions. In “Queen Solomon and the Paternity Suit,” Her Majesty proposes to cut in half a philandering charioteer claimed by both wife and mistress. In “The Renunciation,” Mary rejects the Angel Gabriella’s offer of the saviorship of the world, but agrees to have a son.

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Performing Groups

  • High School/Secondary
  • College Theatre / Student
  • Community Theatre
  • Reader's Theatre
  • Shoestring Budget
  • Church / Religious Groups


  • No Special Cautions

License details

  • Minimum Fee: $90 per performance



  • Time Period: Greek; Roman & Biblical
  • Duration: 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Setting:

    All scenes can be played on a bare stage. Several black boxes of various sizes can be rearranged quickly between scenes to suggest the "setting" or "furniture" called for. It is recommended that lively music (like Scott Joplin) be played before the show and between scenes as the set is changed.

  • Additional Features: No intermission
  • Features / Contains: Period Costumes


  • Musical Style: N/A (Not a musical)
  • Vocal Demands: N/A (Not a musical)
  • Chorus Size: N/A (Not a musical)



NARRATOR - Any age.  Taped voice.
GOD - Any age.  Beautiful.
EVE - 20s.  Looks like God.
SNAKE - Any age.  Athletic.
SARAH - Age 60 or over.  Clever, maternal, a good story-teller.
JUDY - Age 8-15.  Energetic, amenable.
DEBBIE - Age 8-15.  Sweet, enthusiastic, theatrical.
RAMSEY - Age 20-40.  Shrewd, intelligent, an efficient secretary.
MIRIAM - Age 20-40.  Straightforward, energetic, well-informed.
GLORIA GUARD - Any age.  Clumsy, oafish, a bit forward.
FIRST WOMAN - Age 20-50.  The true wife.  A realist.
SECOND WOMAN - Age 20-50.  The mistress.  A tart.
QUEEN SOLOMON - Any age.  Casual, clever, clear-sighted.
ELIZABETH - Age 60 or over.  Motherly, warm, sense of humor.
MARY - Age 15-20.  Lively, lovable, all-American sweetheart.
GABRIELLA - Any age.  Fat, intense.  A feminist.

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Cast Attributes

  • All Female
  • Ensemble cast
  • Non-Traditional casting
  • Reduced casting (Doubling Possible)
  • Expandable casting
  • Features Teens
  • Roles for Children
  • Parts for Senior Actors

Casting Notes

There are 6 discrete scenes. No scene uses more than 4 characters. The play could be done comfortably with 5-8 performers, but could use as few as 4 or as many as 18. 



Patricia Montley

Patricia Montley has had seventeen plays published (Samuel French, Playscripts, Inc., Meriwether, Heinemann, Applause, Dramatic Publishing, Prentice-Hall, International Center for Women Playwrights, Dramatics Magazine). Her plays have been given readings at the Kennedy Center, Center Stage ...

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Goucher College, Baltimore, MD, 1976.

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