by  Paul Foster

Full Length Play, Comedy  /  12m

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by  Paul Foster

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This brilliant play by the author of Tom Paine and Balls and Other Plays confirms Paul Foster's reputation as the most talented and significant of the 'off-off-Broadway' school of American dramatists. It is nothing less than an imaginative re-creation of the discovery of America by Leif Eriksson and the Danes, which vividly communicates the roots of present-day America's great creative potential and at the same time her propensity toward violence. The feeling for the Norse legend it embodies in its text gives it a mythic quality to add to its excitement and the freewheeling use it makes of new ideas and techniques dazzles the reader with its audacity and skill as well as giving the play a highly individual and distinctive style. An ensemble of 12 actors who play a variety of parts regardless of gender. Lines not assigned to a particular speaker may be spoken by anyone, as appropriate.
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  • Cross gender casting

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Can be Cast with 12 females



Paul Foster

Paul Foster

The famous La Mama Troupe gave it an exciting first production in 1969 on television in San Francisco

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