by  Joe Calarco

Full Length Play, Drama  /  5m, 2f, 3m or f

From the collection Signature in Schools Vol. I. Signature in the Schools uses theater to open the minds and broaden the viewpoints of local teens while engaging them in a positive creative experience.

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    Cast Size

    5m, 2f, 3m or f

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While his classmates study Ancient Sumer, Daniel struggles with his own relationship to Iraq, where his father was blinded in the First Gulf War.  As Rasha, a young girl in modern Basra, writes hopeful letters to her imaginary American friend, two Iraqi boys wrestle with how to take patriotic and meaningful action as burgeoning adults in a time of great change. Eventually we learn of Rasha’s heartbreaking connection to Daniel’s family and her own shocking course of action as her hope turns to hate after the death of her own father. The ancient Sumerian story of Lugalbanda, the prince who was granted great speed by the gods to help his country in war, is woven through the piece. Three or more dancers create the environment and reenact the stories of the past told throughout the play. 
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Performing Groups

  • High School/Secondary

License details

  • Minimum Fee: $45 per performance



  • Time Period: New Millennium/21st Century, 1990s, Greek; Roman & Biblical
  • Setting: The suburbs of an American city: March 2003
    Basra, Iraq: March 2003
    Basra, Iraq: February 1991
    Sumer: 3000 BCE 


5m, 2f, 3m or f
WINSTON - 16 y.o. American boy. A good student and a good friend. 
RASHA - 16 y.o. Iraqi girl. Smart. Passionate. A dreamer.
RAQIM - 16 y.o. Iraqi boy. Smart. Focused. A true believer. 
FAHAD - 16 y.o. Iraqi boy. Goes where the wind takes him. 
CYNTHIA - 16 y.o. American girl. Way too smart for her own good. 
DANIEL - 16 y.o. American boy. Struggling but working on it. 
MR. REKERS - Early 40s. Daniels father. Was blinded during Desert Storm.  Trying to make it work against the odds. 
DANCERS - Can be done with as many as you like but no fewer than three. They re-enact the stories told throughout the play. The style of these presentations should be very theatrical.
Live musicians can be used if you have that option. 
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Cast Attributes

  • Features Teens



Joe Calarco

Joe Calarco's published work includes in the absence of spring (inaugural production of Second Stage’s New Plays Uptown series, included in The Best Stage Scenes of 2004), Shakespeare’s R&J (Lucille Lortel Award), Walter Cronkite is Dead, and his short plays, Just A Little Sniffle and Parting Gifts. Other adaptations i ...

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Salat was originally commissioned and produced in 2007 by Signature Theatre in Arlington, Virginia under the direction of Marcia Gardner.

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