Thomas Tallis

by  Jessica Swale

Thomas Tallis is a portrait of the life of one of Britain’s most successful composers set against the tumultuous political backdrop of the renaissance.

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Thomas Tallis

by  Jessica Swale

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Living under four monarchs, Tallis was forced to adapt his compositions to suit their religious demands, but at what cost? In Swale’s vividly imagined play, we follow the contrasting fates of Tallis and a young priest, from the dissolution of the monasteries through Mary’s bloody reign, via encounters with a young Elizabeth and the mysterious Dr Dee, to their dramatic conclusion.


This "ambitious portrait of the 16th-century composer cleverly combines drama and music

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Jessica Swale

Jessica Swale is a writer and director. She is Artistic Director of Red Handed Theatre Company and a returning playwright at Shakespeare's Globe Theatre. Plays include Nell Gwynn (winner of the Egerton Foundation New Play Award 2015), All's Will that Ends Will (Bremen Shakespeare Company) and adaptations of Sense an ...

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