The High School That Dripped Gooseflesh

by  Tim Kelly, Ole Kittleson, Arne Christiansen

Full Length Musical  /  9m, 11f

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The High School That Dripped Gooseflesh

by  Tim Kelly Ole Kittleson Arne Christiansen

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    Cast Size

    9m, 11f

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The High School That Dripped Gooseflesh - A Musical Horror Spoof in Two Acts

From the team who brought you favorite musical hits, The Butler Did It, Singing and The Amazing Adventures of Dan Daredevil. In this slasher of a musical, it's Grad Nite at Mandrake High School when the kids find out from a frightening janitor that the school was built over the restless grave of a Manitou, a spiteful creature from another world. Mysteriously, student bodies begin to stack up in the library (nobody ever goes in there). The students fight to save the school and their lives! But the Manitou is no pushover. The one who is crowned Queen of Grad Nite dies!

Every single terror movie cliche is dragged out for laughs. Simple set minimal production demands. This perfectly ghoulish musical can be produced on a small budget and still provide all the horror fit for the Halloween season. Easy to rehearse. Sensational cast of colorful characters; hyper students, bewildered faculty, a zany disc jockey and some truly frightening creeps courtesy of the Manitou. Zombies sing "I Feel Funny." A great score featuring songs: "Wanted: Princess For My Castle," "Surfs Up," and "The Manitou Will Get You, "and more.

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  • Orchestra Size: Large


9m, 11f
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Tim Kelly

Kelly was born in Saugus, Massachusetts on October 2, 1932. He graduated from Emerson College with a bachelor's degree and received a masters degree in play-writing from Yale University. His first stage play was Widow's Walk, published in the 1960s. At the same time, three of his plays opened: A Darker Flo ...

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