The Mouse's Discovery: Chancel Plays for Young and Old

by  John McTavish

Collection / Anthology

Thought provoking chancel dramas that ditch the bulky bathrobes and encourage all to take part.

This collection includes the following plays:
Tomorrow We Go to Bethlehem 
A Word with You
The Third Wish
The Mouse's Discovery
The Good Samaritan 
The Face of Jesus

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The Mouse's Discovery: Chancel Plays for Young and Old

by  John McTavish

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The Mouse's Discovery: Chancel Plays for Young and Old

  • SubGenre


    Christmas/Holiday, Chancel Drama / Pageant, Faith-based
  • Audience

    Target Audience

    • Appropriate for all audiences

Additional Info

A collection of simple-to-produce chancel dramas that are emotionally powerful and theologically stimulating.

Tomorrow We Go to Bethlehem, A Word with You, and The Third Wish are all Christmas plays designed for a mix of teenage and adult actors. The Mouse's Discovery is a Christmas pageant involving an entire church school. The Good Samaritan is a pantomime that the whole congregation can perform with the leader. The Face of Jesus is a two-character play for adult actors.

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Chancel Dramas
by John McTavish
December 8, 2014


Performing Groups

  • Elementary School / Primary
  • Jr High/Primary
  • High School/Secondary
  • Community Theatre
  • Shoestring Budget
  • Outdoor
  • Church / Religious Groups

License details

  • Minimum Fee: $45 per performance



  • Time Period: Present Day
  • Features / Contains: Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


  • Musical Style: N/A (Not a musical)
  • Vocal Demands: N/A (Not a musical)
  • Chorus Size: N/A (Not a musical)
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Cast Attributes

  • Expandable casting
  • Features Children
  • Features Teens
  • Flexible casting
  • Roles for Children



John McTavish

John McTavish, co-author of Skin Deep: The Story of Martin Luther King, has also edited three collections of short religious plays that are ideal for school assemblies and church worship services.< ...

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