Scary Drama I

by  Edie Claire

Full Length Play, Comedy  /  3m, 2f, 5boy(s), 5girl(s)

Mr. and Mrs. DeSmet are determined to get a youth program going at their church, despite their wayward daughter’s contention that today’s teens have way better things to do with their time. What chance could naïve, soft-spoken, unflappably optimistic Shane Smith possibly have? An evening of laughs designed to highlight the importance of a church
youth group; perfect as a dinner- or dessert-theater fundraiser.

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Scary Drama I

by  Edie Claire

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  • Cast Size

    Cast Size

    3m, 2f, 5boy(s), 5girl(s)
  • Duration


    60 minutes (1 hour)
  • SubGenre


    Farce, Mystery/Thriller, Christmas/Holiday, Parody / Spoof, Faith-based
  • Accolades


    Not Applicable
  • Audience

    Target Audience

    • Appropriate for all audiences

Additional Info

Mr. and Mrs. DeSmet are determined to get a youth program going at their church, despite their wayward daughter’s contention that today’s teens have way better things to do with their time. Besides, the congregation’s kids have scared off half a dozen youth directors already—what chance could naïve, soft-spoken, unflappably optimistic Shane Smith possibly have?

Shane kicks off the new program with a Halloween lock-in, which brings master manipulator and future prom queen Christine DeSmet, her younger sister, and two of her girlfriends, some local boys who've barely hit puberty, a strict matronly chaperon, and others under the same roof for the night. The last thing Christine expects to happen is for three very good-looking, very rough-looking older guys named Blade, Ace, and Ripper to walk in, reporting to an alternative detention center for juvenile offenders. Turns out the new youth director may have made a small mistake on the ministry's website - and a bigger mistake in literally locking them all in.

Add into the mix a storm outside that has knocked out both power and phone lines; the mysterious disappearance of all their cell phone batteries; the disturbing presence of a twelve-year-old, self-confessed pyromaniac; the only half-welcome attentions of the Future Felons of America; and worst of all repeated sightings of a creepy janitor who was supposed to have left the building hours ago... And we're in for an interesting night. More than one person in this nightmare of a lock-in might not be who, or what, they appear. Including the church’s new youth director!

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Performing Groups

  • Jr High/Primary
  • High School/Secondary
  • Shoestring Budget
  • Church / Religious Groups


  • Artboard 3 Gun Shots

License details

  • Minimum Fee: $75 per performance



  • Time Period: Contemporary, Present Day
  • Duration: 60 minutes (1 hour)
  • Setting: The interior of a church building. The script is flexible enough to adapt to almost any space, as long as it has a minimum of three entrances/exits.
  • Additional Features: Audience Participation/Interactive, Physical Comedy
  • Features / Contains: Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


  • Musical Style: N/A (Not a musical)
  • Vocal Demands: N/A (Not a musical)
  • Chorus Size: No Chorus


3m, 2f, 5boy(s), 5girl(s)

SHANE SMITH - Youth Director, a nice guy, hired to do the impossible
MRS. TIBBITS - the chaperone, out of touch and out to lunch; dresses bizarrely and carries a gargantuan bag
MR. DeSMET - Christine & Justine’s father, harried businessman and frustrated father; is easily irritated and likes to yell and bluster
MRS. DeSMET - Christine & Justine’s mother, a born worrier; determined to raise her daughters right, but has no idea how to deal with Christine
DERF REGURK - the janitor; a man who’s “just not right,” with funky hair and a weird look in his eye

High Schoolers:
CHRISTINE - prom-queen material: attractive, intelligent, popular, manipulative, and very full of herself
EMILY - not-so-bright, flirtatious party girl
ASHLEY - an avid reader and watcher of Sci-Fi and Horror flicks; is a little paranoid and has a wild imagination
BLADE - the leader of the juvenile delinquents, a savvy, self-assured guy who likes to play the hero
ACE - a big guy who dreams of becoming a professional “goon”
RIPPER - rough-looking and tough talking, he seems like he may be hiding something

Middle Schoolers:
JUSTINE - the opposite of big-sister Christine; frumpy and tomboyish, but also clever, independent, and thinks her sister is an idiot
MOUSE - a small girl with large glasses who doesn’t talk much, but has the disturbing habit of hiding everywhere
JACK - fun-loving and devious; lives for practical and not-so-practical jokes, preferably played on older girls who shriek really loud
BEN - willing to go along with anything fun, particularly if food is involved

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Cast Attributes

  • Non-Traditional casting
  • Features Teens
  • Flexible casting
  • Roles for Children
  • Parts for Senior Actors

Casting Notes

The youth parts are designed for 3 female and 3 male high schoolers and 2 female and 2 male middle schoolers. All parts (including adult) could be performed by teens if needed; although the youth director role should ideally be an actual youth leader.



Edie Claire

Edie Claire is a novelist and playwright, a veterinarian, a childbirth educator, and a mother of three who delights in writing six genres of fiction: cozy mysteries, romantic suspense, women's fiction, humor, YA romance, and comedic stage plays. An avid fan of theater from the time she and her high ...

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Scary Drama I was fist performed by the Drama Ministry of Ingomar United Methodist Church, on November 5, 2005. It was directed by Trina Walker.

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