Thank you for your interest in Samuel French. We have a few simple guidelines for the use of our brand resources. Please take a moment to get to know us!

What does our brand stand for?

At Samuel French, we celebrate our deep and rich theatrical history, and the great theatre happening all over the world. We commit to uphold our values by:

  • Supporting the success and security of the authors we represent
  • Introducing theatre to new audiences and communities
  • Redefining the standard of modern theatrical licensing and retail, and continuing to push beyond it
  • Building a passion for theatre

We make theatre happen.

Our Logos

The transparency in our visual identity represents the work of Samuel French behind the scenes: we help set the stage in many ways to make theatre happen, and always let the art shine through.

The color of our logo is black, white,  gold, or silver (please refer to the color guide below).

Download EPS/PNG files.

Our colors

Primary colors


Our branding assets are proprietary and protected under copyright law

Please do

  • Provide clear territory around all four sides of the logo, wherever used
  • Reach out to us if you have any questions about specific usage

Please don't

  • Alter or modify the logo in any way
  • Adjust, lengthen, or shorten the vertical lines
  • Change the color of our logo outside of black, white, gold, or silver
  • Use our logo as part of your own product, business, or service without express permission from Samuel French