Mission and Values

All the ways we strive to Make Theatre Happen.


Samuel French is committed to not only respecting the history of the theatre, as well as its own place in that history, but also leading the industry with new technological advancements and cutting edge literature.

Our mission at Samuel French is to provide security for our authors, introduce theatre to new audiences and communities, help theatres create more standing ovations, support our customers, clients, and each other, continuously redefine the standard and push beyond it, and maintain the legacy of Samuel French.


Our core values add up to one thing – Make Theatre Happen. We value and celebrate all Theatre Makers, and it is our goal to support our customers and authors in any way we can.

Celebrate Art

No matter the size of your theatre or the numbers in your cast, we believe there is an opportunity to celebrate art in every part of the theatrical process. We are celebrating your abilities to bring people together to discover new stories, hear monologues, and share in the communal experience of theatre. Whether it is the scenic designer plotting out his designs, the orchestra conductor preparing his musicians, or the director ordering scripts for the cast, we see the art, and we are here to celebrate it.

Cultivate Creativity

We strive to create an environment where every employee feels inspired to share their ideas, where they are empowered by their co-workers, and invested in the company's trajectory. It is important that our staff recognizes their contributions to our company and the theatre world at large. We are proud of each and everyone of our staff members and encourage any opportunities to hear their amazing ideas and find ways to support them into fruition.

Express Gratitude

Whether you write incredible plays, bring those plays to life in a production, or just like to read great literature, we thank you. Without you, there would be no us. It is important that we find daily ways to express our gratitude to each other, our authors, our customers, and the entire Samuel French community.

Have Fun

While we take our obligation to both authors and customers very seriously, we’re also serious about finding the joy in our work. Doing our jobs well and Making Theatre Happen is truly Fun for us!

Be Exceptional

We work hard everyday to deliver the best service and products to you so that you can be exceptional. We know that you expect exceptional service and products from us, and we don’t want to just meet those expectations, we want to exceed them.