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The Samuel French staff is passionate about plays and musicals. Across every department, you'll find people with a deep knowledge and love for the titles in our catalog. Below, you'll find some of our staff's catalog favorites.

 In the Next Room, or the vibrator play

by Sarah Ruhl

"Sweet and often hilarious, I love how it looks at the way Victorian sensibilities (which can still be prevalent today) clash with our basic human desires. And Sarah Ruhl’s language throughout is nothing short of poetic."

 Blood Brothers

book, music and lyrics by Willy Russell

"I saw this show in the West End when I was 16 and it has stuck with me, haunted me in a way rarely matched by plays I have seen since. The memories are still fresh. Especially the explosive climax."

 Facing Our Truth: Ten Minute Plays on Trayvon, Race and Privilege

short plays by A. Rey Pamatmat, Dan O'Brien, Dominique Morisseau, Mona Mansour, Winter Miller, Marcus Gardley, Tala Manassah, Quetzal Flores

"I picked it up not knowing what I would get from these short plays and I was riveted. These shows will challenge and move you and force you to confront things in a way you may never have otherwise."

 Heathers The Musical

book, music and lyrics by Laurence O'Keefe and Kevin Murphy

"Taking a break from my usual of CANNIBAL, this show is also a based on a cult classic film I love. The songs are infectious and you just can’t say ‘no’ to the delightful catch phrases! #fmgwac"

 The Mystery of Love & Sex

by Bathsheba Doran

"I love this play for its sensitivity in exploring how young people discover their sexuality, and how relationships of all kinds evolve throughout our lives. I was pushing away tears while laughing uncontrollably."

 Adding Machine: A Musical

Composed by Joshua Schmidt
Libretto by Jason Loewith and Joshua Schmidt
Based on the play The Adding Machine by Elmer Rice

"Talk about a musical that just “goes there.” This haunting musical makes a brilliant leap from Elmer Rice’s watershed expressionist play, and is one of the most daring new musicals of the century."

 Exit the King

by Eugene Ionesco, translated by Donald Watson

"Ionesco is one of my all-time favorite playwrights. This particular play is hilarious, but also extremely human in its presentation of politics and the fear of death."

 Yo, Vikings!

book and lyrics by Marcus Stevens
music by Sam Wilmott

"There aren’t many shows that I could call magical, but this is definitely one. I shamelessly listen to/sing “Emma the Red” on a regular basis."

 You Got Older

by Clare Barron

"A beautiful play that leaves you aching from the beauty and truth in its simple portrayal of family, time, and the stages of life."

 Fly By Night

conceived by Kim Rosenstock
written by Will Connolly, Michael Mitnick & Kim Rosenstock

"A new musical that will be stuck in your head for days and always leaves me in tears by the end. It takes place in the midst of so much darkness, but gives you so much hope for the light in yourself and others."


by Octavio Solis

"It has great LGBTQ themes wrapped up a domestic drama that is haunting and poetically written. It has stuck with me years after first reading it."


book, music, and lyrics by Stephen Dolginoff

"It is an edgy new musical with several great twists. It is in “real time” and set in a graveyard. What’s not to love?"

 Bingo! The Winning Musical

by Michael Heitzman, IIene Reid, and David Holcenberg

"I love this musical, because it’s super interactive with the audience. It’s really funny, has a mostly female cast and involves one of my favorite past times, BINGO!"

 10 Out of 12

by Anne Washburn

"This play is an amazing love letter to live theatre! As a Lighting Designer and Stage Manager, I love that the backstage crew are finally featured front and center in this comedy!"

 Pool (No Water)

by Mark Ravenhill

"Ravenhill’s exploration of the dueling forces of collaboration and jealousy amongst friends is a punch in the gut to anyone who identifies as an artist, and his fluid prose and flexible casting allow for maximum creativity on the director’s part."

 The Rocky Horror Show

by Richard O'Brien

"Richard O’Brien was ahead of his time in exploding traditional concepts of gender and sexuality. The music is sexy, silly and darkly hilarious and speaks to the theatre nerd in all of us."

 Passion Play

by Sarah Ruhl

"Of all the plays I’ve read since starting, not one has quite stuck with me like this one. It’s personal and global, it’s funny and heartbreaking; the three acts are an evolution for the characters and the reader alike."

 Fly By Night

conceived by Kim Rosenstock
written by Will Connolly, Michael Mitnick & Kim Rosenstock

"Seeing this production was one of the more magical evenings on the stage I’ve ever had – it’s touching and sweet, the music vibrates your very soul and you can’t help but root for every character. This musical feels like a gift that needs to be shared."

 The (curious case of the) Watson Intelligence

by Madeleine George

"A passionately intellectual play that delves into the nature of love and humanity. Perfect for fans of Sarah Ruhl’s IN THE NEXT ROOM."

 Adding Machine: A Musical

Composed by Joshua Schmidt
Libretto by Jason Loewith and Joshua Schmidt
Based on the play The Adding Machine by Elmer Rice

"A thrillingly innovative musical adaption of a true American classic. The challenging message, a dark and fatalist vision of the extremes of capitalism, is more relevant than ever in today’s society."


by David Adjmi

"I love this play because it makes bold statements and takes on big ideas without losing sight of its comedic tone. It’s brazen and I can’t wait to see what theatres decide to produce it."


book and lyrics by Jenny Schwartz
music and lyrics by Todd Almond

"Challenging in form and content, this one is haunting, heartwarming, and ultimately stunning. It’s a look at our world through an interesting and undeniably theatrical lens."