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Waiting (Soland) - Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

Waiting (Soland)

Lisa Soland

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Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy

6m, 6f

ISBN: 9780573650598

"Like life, the play starts out with sex, but quickly evolves into a study of love, belonging, longing, pain, happiness and hope...Soland's words bring out humor and hope, that makes life worth waiting for." - NoHo LA Magazine

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: Acting Edition
: Large Print
: Stage Manager

Minimum Fee: $75 per performance


Full Length Play

Dramatic Comedy

Romantic Comedy

75 Minutes

Time Period - Contemporary, Present Day

Settings Of Play - The first act requires two stools and the actors break the fourth wall by talking directly to the audience. The second act, we put the fourth wall up and entire into the waiting room, where the characters are waiting to come out and talk to the audience. This is a typical waiting room with chairs and a coffee table. Two working doors are required for the two bathrooms.


Local Celebrity Cameo

Unit Set/Multiple Settings, Bare Stage/Simple Set

Contemporary Costumes / Street Clothes


No Special Cautions


Adult, Teen (Age 14 - 18)


High School/Secondary, College Theatre / Student, Community Theatre, Dinner Theatre, Professional Theatre, Shoestring Budget, Church / Religious Groups

Waiting delves into the lives of twelve people who share humorous and heart-warming stories about their relationships and whether or not they waited to have sex until they were married.

"Like life, the play starts out with sex, but quickly evolves into a study of love, belonging, longing, pain, happiness and hope. Even when the characters aren't talking about their first times together, they are still waiting. Waiting for people to surprise them, waiting for a tragedy to unfold, waiting for life to begin – or end. Through all this, Soland's words bring out humor and hope, that makes life worth waiting for." - NoHo LA Magazine

"Waiting playwright Lisa Soland starts her ostensibly light comedy with pre-marital sex and, over the course of her play, expands that theme to encompass her loss of faith in humanity in an increasingly solipsistic world. And in the journey from light to darkness...she reveals a kind of truth that transcends moral diatribe...and the play develops into a sobering indictment of our own apathy toward not only romantic relationships but the ones we forge with our fellow man as well. Waiting becomes a kind of strategy for getting past pre-judgments, and the play turns into a heartwarming story about restoring trust." - LA Weekly

"Billed as a comedy about pre-marital sex,' Lisa Soland's play Waiting searches the passionate depths of the heart rather than keying on the fleshy surface of sex." - Crescenta Valley Sun

Waiting was originally produced at The Tamarind Theatre in Hollywood, California, on November 1, 2002.  It was directed by Chip Chalmers and produced by Hilde Garcia and The Florida Project.


6m, 6f


Ensemble cast, Non-Traditional casting, Reduced casting (Doubling Possible), Local Celebrity Cameo, Multicultural casting, Room for Extras, Strong Role for Leading Man (Star Vehicle), Parts for Senior Actors


Role for a disabled actor in a wheelchair. Can be produced with as few as 6 actors or as many as 12.


N/A (Not a musical)

BETSY - twenty-five to thirty, engaged to Sam.
SAM -  twenty-five to thirty, engaged to Betsy.
CLAIR - late thirties, married to Bob for about fifteen years.
BOB - early forties, married to Clair for about fifteen years.
ANN - early fifties, married to Norm for thirty years.
NORM - early fifties, married to Ann for thirty years.
LINDSAY - about thirty, extremely pregnant, married to Jim for five years.
JIM - about thirty-five, married to Lindsay for five years.
LINDA - married to Steve for twelve years.
TRUMAN - eighty-three years old.
CINDY - twenty-one, college co-ed.
STEVE - a paraplegic, married to Linda for twelve years.
Lisa Soland

Lisa Soland

Lisa Soland's plays Waiting, Cabo San Lucas, Truth Be Told, The Man in the Gray Suit & Other Plays, and The Name Game are published by Samuel French Inc., but her work can also be found in “best of” anthologies published by Samuel French, Smith & Kraus, Applause Books, and Dramatic Publishing. She has produced and/or directed over 80 productions and play readings, 55 of which have been ... view full profile

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