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Great Roles in Agatha Christie Plays

Every actor yearns for a juicy role, and what could be more complex and intriguing than a part in a thriller? Get ready to be inspired in this article about the great roles in the Christie canon.

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  • Lewiston

    Samuel D. Hunter

    Full Length Play, Drama 1m, 2f
  • Division Street
    Division Street

    Steve Tesich

    Full Length Play, Comedy 6m, 2f
  • The Miracles of May
    The Miracles of May

    Karen Manno

    Full Length Play, Dramatic Comedy 3m, 2f
  • Inside Out
    Inside Out

    Doug Haverty, Adryan Russ

    Full Length Musical, Dramatic Comedy 6f
  • Intermission

    Daniel Meltzer

    10 Minute Play, Comedy 1m, 3f, 1m or f
  • Lot's Daughters
    Lot's Daughters

    Rebecca Basham

    Full Length Play, Drama 4m, 4f
  • In Trousers
    In Trousers

    William Finn

    Full Length Musical, Drama 1m, 3f
  • Things Beyond Our Control
    Things Beyond Our Control

    Jesse Kellerman

    Full Length Play, Drama 5m, 3f
on Breaking Character

Who Ever Heard of a Smooth Revolution?

Nikki Przasnyski unravels Bryna Turner's "Bull in a China Shop", a play of and for women: "how we love, how we grow, how we speak truth to power, and what we’ve learned to sacrifice in the unbearably slow march toward equality over the last 150 years."

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